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Democrat Mad Scientists Are Driving Up Medical Care and Drug Prices

Affordable Quality Healthcare

If ever there was an expensive and unnecessary treatment that drives up medical costs and lines the pockets of pharmaceutical companies, it is chemical transitioning of children.

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It is a barbaric practice. Better suited some double-feature B-Movie. The one where a mad government scientist experiments on children. Inject them with experimental drugs. Alter their endocrine system to halt development. Force their bodies to behave other than the way they were genetically born.

[Sinister laugh]

It’s not just happening now, in New Hampshire, if you try to ask a child about it, you could get fined and lose your license.

State law prohibits a wide range of professions that might serve in any consulting or therapy situation to say anything that could be construed as “trying to convince someone” their gender is the same as their biological sex.

You are also expected to pay for it. This child abuse for underage “patients” and elective surgery for adults, is viewed as some right the government must ensure and that you are required to fund. 

The left is committed to making this normal — not just the procedure but the requirement that you pay for it for someone else. An elective procedure that is physically dangerous and also requires a lifetime of extensive pharmaceutical treatment to sustain, medical visits, mental health support, paid for by who?


If the Democrat party is willing to call you a bigot (or even a criminal) because you don’t want to pay to poison children or finance someone’s gender addiction medication and psychological support, is there anything they are not capable of when it comes to your money or your rights?

And why would you ever vote for someone like that ever again?