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A “Parents Transgendering Kids” Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy Double-Tap!

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I found this on Instapundit and it is immediately recognizable. John Hawkins asks – this may sound familiar – if kids are getting re-gendered by parents who have Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy? I asked the same question last June.

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In my piece, I noted that,

 A parent or guardian foments or perpetuates a condition in a child. They then feed off the supposed psychological benefits of the public act of care, treatment, or even acceptance of that condition. It is regarded as both a mental health issue and a form of child abuse.

So, is the urge to transgender children or exposure to situations that encourage it a form of Munchausen Syndrome by proxy?

My conclusion was yes, and that someone should do a study. No study yet but I’m not alone.

Today, when I was doing the Jaz McKay show, Jaz suggested something brilliant about the parents of these kids that I had not thought of before.

He suggested many of the parents pushing this idea on their children may be suffering from a new type of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy.

Then this.

If you’re a crazy mom and you want to use your child to get attention for yourself, what better way to do it than claiming your child wants to be the other gender? Then, you have endless meetings with doctors, with the school, with psychologists, with everyone surrounding your child. It’s a constant source of attention, sympathy, and drama that no medical issue can match. Perhaps more importantly, you get in trouble for faking medical symptoms for your child, but people treat disagreeing with your claim that your 5-year-old boy really wants to be a girl like a hate crime.

I didn’t broach the latter point. And it’s a great one. That these parents got the added benefit of defending their child from the discrimination they’d never have faced were it not for the parent. It’s like a Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy double-tap. You not only created a condition in your child to feed off them like a psychological lamprey, but you get the added bonus of ranting about how unfair the world is to the child re-gendered.

In case you forgot, Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy is a mental illness and clinically recognized as child abuse. And so, according to many medical professionals, is using hormone blockers and hormone treatments to transgender your kids. Treatments that have killed at least 6300 kids so far.

I’m not sure what the mentally ill child-abusing parent does then, feed of the death of the child they facilitated?

Someone should do a study!

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