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Cultural Inequality Update: Muslim Immigrant Beheads his Wife after running her Over with a Car

Muslim Honor killing in Germany

Muslim honor killings are quite common. Reporting on them is not. But this story from Germany is hard to keep down. And not from a lack of trying. The German paper SPIEGELwrote: “A man hurt his wife so badly that she subsequently died.” He ran her over then decapitated her with an ax.

The headline is underwhelming, given the circumstance. Perhaps not as bad as WashPo’s fawning over the untimely passing of the Islamic State’s “austere religious scholar” Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. But framed by the same worldview.

It is the institutionalized effort to hide the violence and terror within Islam from the western world.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s ‘movement, ISIS, burned, drowned, raped, and beheaded Muslims, Christians, Jews, anyone they chose, for whatever reason alighted on their evil minds. All in the name of Allah. Whether that was what Allah intended is a subject of much debate, but Occam’s Razor should be applied to both the Left and the Media and the attacks they are hiding.

The simplest answer is most likely correct.

According to the report in Germany, a Muslim immigrant husband hit his wife with a car. He then fetched an ax from the damaged vehicle and swung it at her until he separated her head from her body. 

First, we do not know for sure, but the odds are good that this was an honor killing. The legitimate use of force (in the eyes of some Muslims) to end a life because the wife embarrassed the husband or the community.

Throat slitting and beheading are common forms of execution.

It’s part of that culture.

In our culture, in Western Culture, this is called murder. And while I’m no expert, in my honest opinion our culture is better than theirs.

You are welcome to be “Der Spiegel.” They are focused on how this is probably not an act of terrorism. Not in the classic sense, no. But I bet the wife felt terror if, after being run down, she was conscious long enough to see her husband swinging an ax at her head.

I wonder if she thought she deserved that?

I wonder if, at that moment, she felt certain that there were no cultures on the earth that placed a higher value on human life or the treatment of women or if she was resigned to her fate at the hands of her deranged husband.

That while she died in a purportedly Western Democracy (Germany) that if he was to stand before a Sharia court, he might be set free.

Doesn’t sound like a superior culture to mine. So, don’t tell me that some cultures are not better than others.

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