Beto's Singing Sucks - But His Lamb Costume is Kind of Cute. - Granite Grok

Beto’s Singing Sucks – But His Lamb Costume is Kind of Cute.

Beto The Sheeps

There’s a thing on Twitter about Beto being a Furry. The Liberal universe is at odds over how to address it. I guess Furry’s are not yet a large enough group to warrant an anti-discrimination campaign from the Left. Which means, people think it’s weird. And then there’s Beto.

A White Irish guy name Bobby O’Rourke appropriating a Hispanic sounding “nickname.” And Ted Kennedy was a Victoria Secret model.

Bobby-O got buckets of cash. To borrow from Forrest Gump, “he don’t have to think about money no more,” with the addendum that he never did.  A rich, white, Irish, Liberal elitist. Who, according to Mother Jones,  performed ‘Blitzkrieg Bop’ in a sheep costume.

Be a lamb Beto and perform on stage in this onesie and sheep mask. Thanks.

If you are not familiar with the publication, on the spectrum of Liberal journalism, Mother Jones is not quite as far left as Pravda during the peak of Soviet power. This makes it a radical right-wing mag to any proper Marxist. To the rest of us, it is a communist/socialist propaganda outlet. My point being, not Fox News.

My other point being, maybe Beto is a furry running for President. Another glass ceiling busted. Or maybe he’s just a weird rich white guy pretending. Like being Hispanic. One thing we do know. He’s not pretending to be a Marxist.

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