A New Skepticism Over The Theory of Evolution - Granite Grok

A New Skepticism Over The Theory of Evolution

Charles Darwin - Prager U Screen Grab

It’s not exactly new. It is a math problem and a biology problem, a science problem, and a history problem. The records we have of life on earth aligned with what we’ve learned about DNA is making Darwin’s theory of Evolution the object of much scrutiny.

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One or more of these may be incomplete. The science, biology, history. It would be absurd to claim otherwise, which makes any hypothesis equally incomplete. But we’re talking about evolution. The Holy Grail of secular humanism, atheists, and left-wing Marxist trolls everywhere.

Darwins Theory, about which even he had doubts, was long ago packaged and sold to generations as how things got from there to here. All the things. But that has become more of a political program than a scientific one – partly because we still don’t know what we don’t know. But then neither did Charles Darwin or anyone who still insists he got it right. But as our understanding of life and genetics and history advances, this theory shows signs of age and an inability to evolve to meet the new day.

It has holes. Scientists always knew that. But being scientists (at least some of them) are looking for what fills those holes as they should. Not for the politics but for science.

To that end, Prager U just dropped a great video that covers the aging theory and why evolutionary biologists are questioning it. Check it out.