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Whither the FBI?


When I was a kid, the FBI was considered the best law enforcement agency in the World. Not just in our country–in the World!

We were treated to movies and TV shows about the FBI’s battles against criminals and communists. It would have been hard to think of another organization with as stellar a reputation.

Drip . . . drip . . . drip . . . The good news just keeps on coming.

But now look at it: High ranking officials fired or resigned. High ranking officials apparently implicated in what could possibly be described as an attempted coup to try to overthrow a newly-elected President. A high ranking FBI official about to be indicted.

In America?   Really!

As we approach the 2020 election season, in the event a political party other than one starting with an “R” wants to try to attract some clear thinking voters to their cause, how about the following proposed new lineup for our country:

• President- James Comey
• National Security Advisor- Peter Strzok
• Sexretary of State- Lisa Page
• Attorney General- James Baker
• Secretary of Defense- Andrew McCabe
• CIA co-Directors-Bruce & Nellie Ohr
• Director of the Office of Ethics- Sally Yates

And these were the persons at the highest levels of our country’s law enforcement? Really!

As long as we are at it, how about bringing back into our government those paragons of virtue and intelligence- John Brennan & James Clapper?

Some people actually think that only career politicians know how to lie with a straight face.  To the public, to Congress, and under oath!

Only in America.