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This State Takes the Janus Ruling and Free Speech Rights Seriously

We the unions

Janus vs. AFSCME made it illegal for unions to take fees without consent. Many states responded by assuming consent or the implementation of opt-out programs. Alaska has gone and done this right.

Not only do you have to opt-in before the union can take a dime, but you must also opt-in every year. If, for some reason, you decide the unions political messaging does not match your own, do nothing, and on the anniversary date, it can no longer collect dues from you. Ever. Until you chose too.

The 5-4 ruling in Janus v. American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees said that such a practice impedes on the First Amendment rights of workers by forcing them to financially support political speech. In response to the ruling, states around the country allowed employees to opt out of union membership. Gov. Dunleavy went a step further on Thursday, signing an executive order that requires employees to affirmatively opt in to union membership before agencies deduct dues from their salaries.

In New Hampshire Governor Sununu’s first act after the ruling was to end the practice of the state collecting dues from state employees for the unions. Specifically, for those in state employee union shops but not in the union. Agency fees amounting to more than a million dollars a year would remain in workers’ paychecks. If unions wanted a slice, they would need to make a pitch and get each individual’s support. 

It’s not so different from Alaska except for the mandatory re-up or no dues drawn.

I imagine the Union has their intimidation machine in high gear long before that day comes. Look at everything we’ve done for you. Promoting socialism, sorry I mean workers’ rights. You’re with us, yes?


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