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J Bartlett: Janus Ruling Saves NH State Employees 1 Million A Year

New Hampshire’s Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy Reports that based on a Right to Know request the annual calculated savings for State Employees forced to pay agency fees (Post Janus) is over one million dollars.

The state collected $37,913.60 per paycheck from these 2,161 non-union employees, diverting an annual total of $1,012,055.83 from their paychecks to the State Employees Association and the Teamsters.

Employees never saw this money. It was given directly to the unions, even though these employees opted not to become union members.

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Andrew Cline adds that,

“Not only did New Hampshire state employees have their First Amendment rights at long last protected by the Janus ruling, but they will have their take-home pay increased by more than $1 million a year,” Josiah Bartlett Center for Public Policy President Andrew Cline said. “From now on, public-sector unions will no longer get to take that money without the employee’s consent. To claim it, they will have to convince state employees of the value of union services.”

J Bartlett has more details at the link but I want to leave you with this.

On an annualized basis, agency fees represented 19.5 percent of the $5,190,883.13 state employees were contractually obligated to pay unions as of June 27, state records show. Unions were to collect $4,178,827.38 in dues from 7,051 full-and part-time union members in addition to $1,012,055.83 in agency fees from 2,161 non-union employees. 

Unions should consider the potential loss of revenue as little more than ‘crumbs.’

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