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“The Trayvon Hoax” Trailer Premiers Thursday – Sounds Like Trouble for the Left

George Zimmerman

This is a quick teaser for a trailer (also a teaser) on a documentary. It’s something you’ll want to check out. The shooting of Trayvon Martin and the media/Obama/Racebaiter public pillorying of George Zimmerman are about the be exposed.

Those who have followed the case know that not since the Scottsboro boys has any ordinary citizen endured the kind of malicious and conspicuously false reporting Zimmerman has. My hope was that [Joel] Gilbert would set the record straight.

Gilbert has done that and more. In the course of his relentless research into the shooting and subsequent trial, I can say without risk of overstatement that he has unearthed a legal fraud the likes of which I know no parallel. Not only has Gilbert discovered it, but he has also proved it six ways from Sunday, including DNA and handwriting analysis.

Obama’s single most lasting legacy will be using his office to ignite a race war in America. George Zimmermann’s act of self-defense played a pivotal role in that. Fueling a fire that rages today. Started and fanned by politicians and the media. All to divide America. 

Jack Cashill, who wrote a book about the case adds,

If I were Trayvon Martin’s parents or his family’s attorneys, I would be very nervous right now. If I were Florida state attorneys who prosecuted the case, I would be more nervous still. And if I were the media who covered this case — are you listening Matt Gutman and Lisa Bloom? — I would prepare to be mortified. The coverage of this case was a disgrace from day one.

We can agree with that. Our coverage suggests a commitment to the Left’s malfeasance in the pursuit of partisan political lends.

The website and trailer go live on Thursday, September 12th. We’ll post the trailer here if we can.

| American Thinker