Socialism: you are but a mere cog. Conservatives: you can be a Superstar! - Granite Grok

Socialism: you are but a mere cog. Conservatives: you can be a Superstar!


Really, this is a Notable Quote by I think the title above sums up the below better:

The more that individualism can be portrayed as a chimera, the more that any individual’s achievement can be considered derivative from society, the less the achievements warrant respect. And the more society is entitled to conscript – that is, to socialize – whatever portion of the individual’s wealth that it considers its fair share. Society may, as an optional act of political grace, allow the individual to keep the remainder of what society thinks is misleadingly called the individual’s possession. Note that “society” necessarily means society’s collective expression: the government. Note also that government will not be a disinterested judge of what is its proper share of others’ wealth.

-George Will ( The Conservative Sensibility)

Another short translation: Be afraid of Elizabeth Warren’s cry of “You didn’t build that” – the above is a warning of accepting that philosophy.  Socialists always put the Collective Society first in all things.  Conservatives place the emphasis on YOU and commend you for the good your self-interest does for others as a by product of your success in serving others.

There is no meeting point, no compromise in the middle, between these two points.  Either you are absorbed and subsumed by Society or you are free to decide for youself.

Which do you prefer?

(H/T: Cafe Hayek)