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Not Unexpectedly: Iran Has Been Cheating on the Nuclear Weapons “Deal” All Along

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The hate-Israel left wants Iran to Nuke the Jews. Why else make a deal that lets them do that, given that Iran has said that is the plan.

To help, we got the Iran Deal. An arrangement that gave the Islamists lots of cash and allowed Europe to sell stuff above board (instead of below) so the Mullah’s could build nuclear energy weapons of mass destruction.

That wasn’t the public perception, but it was always the real agenda. Use the so-called right to nuclear technology (for energy), so Iran could build weapons. The EU convinced itself that weapons were not the goal. Anyone paying attention to the words used by Iran knows better. And Israel has found more proof of it.

Israeli leaders on Monday disclosed the existence of yet another secret Iranian nuclear weapons site that Tehran has attempted to hide from the international community, a disclosure likely to amplify calls from the international community for Iran to come clean about its ongoing weapons work.

The IAEA would like an explanation for nuclear material (and the background radiation evidence of it) detected, but Iran is not answering questions. Move along. Nothing to see here. 

But there was something.

Shortly after Israel discovered this secret warehouse the report claims that the Iranians emptied it and reallocated the material or destroyed it.

Netanyahu said that the facility was in a region of Iran called Abadeh. He showed satellite images of the site before July, 2019 after which Iran – somehow – discovered that Israel had learned of the site and decided to destroy it.

Given that the global financier of terror has promised to destroy Israel and then the US, and is actively pursuing nuclear technology and delivery systems,  some conflict appears inevitable. And not just between denier Democrats and Israel’s ally, US.

Whether it is conventional or otherwise remains to be seen. But I would not be surprised to hear that Israel had vaporized chunks of Iranian real estate in defense of its nation and people, many of whom are Muslim.

The only way to avoid that, it seems, is a change in leadership within Iran. But that does not appear likely. Not soon. For now, we get this cat-and-mouse business. With the global left making excuses and deals with a monster that has promised to eat them.

And whom they may inevitably need to slay. Assuming Islam has not subjugated the content by then.

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