NH Dem Convention: 19 Dem Candidates Drew 9000 People to Sell Socialism, Trump Drew 20,000 to Oppose It - Granite Grok

NH Dem Convention: 19 Dem Candidates Drew 9000 People to Sell Socialism, Trump Drew 20,000 to Oppose It

Trump time at SNHU Screen Grab

Red River Radio has a piece up with the not so leading question, what do New Hampshire Democrats want? Socialism. You’d think it would be the shortest piece ever written. But no, it wastes valuable energy exploring how they want to get there as if it matters?

Remember the first Ghostbusters movie? The good one. The ethereal voice tells the Ghostbusters that the Traveler has come. Choose and Perish. 

“What do you mean choose? We don’t understand?”

“Choose. Choose the form of the destructor.”

Whatever they think of will appear to destroy them. That’s Democrats and the Democrat presidential primary. And to give you a sense of that, look no further.

Biden is, like, stayed and true. He’s been there. He’s done that. He has across-the-board experience in foreign, you know, domestic – and I love Elizabeth Warren. She’s got the fire – who’s got the enthusiasm. She’s got the new plans.

New plans? Talk about an old Marxist Prostitute in a new dress. 

DONNA MOMBOURQUETTE: Going too far to the left I don’t think is something that’s sustainable.

Reporter: And for that reason, Mombourquette does not have Sanders on her shortlist. But she does include Warren, even though the two have nearly identical policies.

Same but different?  Try “different” but the same. Warren and Sanders are ideological twins. All summed up with, 

Oh, I definitely will vote for Bernie. But if I don’t get to vote for Bernie as president after the primary, I will vote Democratic because we’ve got to get rid of what’s festering in the White House.

By the way, according to the report, ” some 9000 people bought tickets.” to see one or more of 19 Democrat presidential candidates. 

Donald Trump, the thing festering in the White Housesame venue, 20,000 people.

Math is hard, but it isn’t that hard.

Image: Trump Rally, Manchester NH
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