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Hong Kong Protesters Want the Second Amendment – Democrats Want to Take It Away

we need 2A HongKong

The protests in Hong Kong provide dramatic contrast. Between people living under communist rule versus those (Democrats) looking to impose it. Here in American, and in New Hampshire, Democrats want to take away your Second Amendment rights. In Hong Kong, they need them.

No communism in hong kong

And what excellent timing. New Hampshire Democrat Dirty Dan ‘Income tax’ Feltes just announced he’s running for governor. He wants to take your money and your guns. Just like the communist Chinese. Who have had all they can stand of “politicians” claiming they will fight for working-class families.

It’s a load of crap. His priorities will reduce everyone but the enlightened few into working-class slaves to the will of officials elected and unelected.

See Hong Kong.

But since Feltes is running, someone should ask him when he plans to denounce thugs like Antifa, who hate American and advocate silencing speech — taking away other people’s right to self-defense. And that makes it easier for them to intimidate ideological opponents.

Hong Kong v Portland

Feltes is all-in on both so his answers will be circuitous and couched in nonsense. More in line with this guy than the people in Hong Kong protesting for their freedom from people like Feltes, Beto, and the Dems.

Beto - Give me your fing guns

The people in Hong Kong understand that dangerous freedom is better than oppressive safety – because there is no safety. The disarmed socialist regime is less safe. They become the criminals making laws to legalize theft and abuse. All while becoming increaslingly incapable of stopping the crime that becomes the only form of reliable economic advancement in their system of government.

China isn’t going to let go of Hong Kong. Far-Left Democrats aren’t going to let go of turning America into Hong Kong. But we, at least, have the opportunity to protect the liberties we still enjoy. Hong Kong will, more than likely, need to do what every society trapped under that boot must to recover their natural rights. Fight a military machine that cares more about power than people.

I do not envy them their odds.