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Former Principal Wishes New Hampshire Would Turn Public Schools into Gun Free Zones

Chip Bok Gun Free Zone

The worst thing you could do if you support school safety is to defend the Democrat’s anti-gun laws. Parkland proved that. The gatekeepers screwed up every opportunity to protect kids. It was so bad that the Parkland Commission recommended arming staff and teachers.

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The Left’s response to this tragedy is to mandate Parkland’s failures in every school across the nation.

Locally, a temporary majority of New Hampshire Democrats pushed a handful of bills including those designed to give criminals a force majority in our public schools. The governor vetoed them, and the legislature failed to find the votes to override those vetoes.

Salem Democrat Richard J. O’Shaughnessy is unhappy about that.

In a letter to the editor of a Massachusetts Newspaper, he rolls out all the standard left-wing misgendered straw figures. The NRA, Sandy Hook, scaring children, and my favorite.

The mothers, fathers, grandparents and great-grandparents of New Hampshire have spoken through their elected officials, with their votes or their indifference, that guns in close proximity to their children in schools is not a problem for them.

Peanut butter, maybe. Guns, no.

Richard, peanut butter is banned in many classrooms because the expanse and support for socialism in education appears to coincide with peanut allergies. No Jiff or Skippy in Utopia. 

But that’s not why we’re here.

Yes, Richard, they have spoken. In the constitutional republic, the chief executive that the people chose has veto power. He used it. The rules say those other elected officials must find the support needed to ensure that the proposed act is not some capricious whim of a transitory mob.

It is, and they failed to prove otherwise.

This is not indifference. Both sides were very involved. You lost this round. Because, as you noted, we are one of the safest states in the nation. But you leave out some details.

Why are we safer? Armed law-abiding citizens are everywhere.

And why are the places with the gun laws you favor so much more violent? The state has disarmed everyone.

There is neither time nor space in your letter to explore this because you had to set up the standard left-wing misgendered straw figures to knockdown.

But Gun-Free School zones attract killers. Armed campuses do not. It’s 11 words and you couldn’t make space.

You also left out how the Democrat culture war is a literal factory for mental illness that will, inevitably, produce a killer in our midst. One who will be looking for soft targets.

Your solution to this is to create as many soft-targets as possible. To put kids and educators lives in danger.

Our solution is to make sure that someone who is sane enough to recognize where they might encounter resistance. Everywhere. 

Don’t give them a soft target.

And while you’d never bring it up, the Parkland school shooting was the fault of Democrat policy and practice, not just gun control. The system meant to protect those they disarmed ignored its responsibility at every point and every level of government.

Your plan is that plan. But it has been tried, and it has failed every time it has been tested. 

New Hampshire is still not ready to embrace that failure, even though the New Hampshire Democrat party will never stop trying to make it happen.

Voters should not be indifferent to the question,” why, given the repeated failures, do Democrats insist on turning our kids into target practice for nut jobs?”

Because this was never about public health or student safety. And it never will.