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Obama Policy That Lead to Parkland Massacre Rescinded by Betsy DeVos and AG Whitaker

Betsy DeVos

In January of 2014, the Obama Administration put schools on notice. If your disciplinary records were not in balance with your ethnic demographics, the Feds would come knocking. The implication included threats of investigation and a freeze on federal funds. At the Stoneham Douglas School in Broward County, the result was a hands-off approach to an angry young man named Nikolas Cruz.

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Cruz killed fourteen students and three staff in the Parkland Massacre. His shooting spree inspired the anti-gun left to march lockstep onward with their confiscation narratives. A program of remedies that the shooting, perpetrated by Cruz, ironically proved to be more dangerous to life and liberty.

Every so-called safety precaution the left stands for failed in Parkland. Not the least of which was the Obama Dear Colleague letter that forced school districts to ignore high-risk troublemakers like Cruz.

Courts reminded us that neither the police nor the district is responsible for our safety or that of our kids (not news to us). Even the Parkland commission established to make changes came to the only sane inclusion. The smartest move is to train and arm teachers and staff.

Thanks to Ed Secretary Betsy DeVos and acting AG Matt Whitaker, the disciplinary policy has been rescinded. Districts will be freed (until some liberal judge claims the government can’t undo its own guidance) to discipline based on behavior not demographics.

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