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Did House Democrats Just Undermine Their Premise Behind Red Flag Laws?

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The left is committed to disarming Americans. The Democrat Majority House is pushing federal Red Flag laws that would let the police take people’s stuff on a whim. But when Republicans suggested adding known gang-bangers to any list, the Dems blocked it.

“The majority of violent crime, including gun violence, in the United States is linked to gangs,” Rep. Ken Buck, a Colorado Republican who sponsored the amendment, said Wednesday. “My amendment is quite simple. It would allow the issuance of a red flag order against anyone whose name appears in a gang database if there was probable cause to include that individual in the database.”

Did you catch that probable cause thing? The premise is that names are not random. There’s actionable evidence that puts them there. Is it a good enough reason? Actually, no, it’s not. Being seen with a gang does not make you a criminal. But any argument against putting gang members on a red flag list is an argument for keeping everyone else off one as well.

Scrap the bill or tell the truth.

Red Flag Laws are designed to disarm law-abiding citizens on what amounts to hearsay. It’s the gun control equivalent of Asset Forfeiture. You don’t have to be charged with a crime, just suspected of one. And they’re going to take your stuff and hold on to it for a while. Maybe forever. And at some point, you or your stuff may get a “day in court.”

It’s property kidnapping. The ransom is a complicated and expensive dance through the criminal justice system which most people have neither the time nor resources to endure. And while those laws have been sunsetting or changing to favor property owners and the families of defendants, Red Flag laws go provide rebirth.

They will take your guns on a whim and more than a few of you will never be able to get them back or buy another. You have been disarmed by the state before due process. 

So, if Democrat’s have objections to adding gang database names to any list of folks because ‘mistakes can be made’ doesn’t the entire foundation of this legislation fall apart?

The Truth

Well, no, it doesn’t because these laws are not about public safety. The point is to disarm law-abiding citizens without a burden of proof standard or the need to obtain a warrant. It abrogates due process rights by design.

It is a frightening practice common in socialist nations where the state can search and seize anything from anyone at any time and then come up with some paperwork later if they even need to do that.

And this is from the same legislative body that objected to any provision in the law that would require that ICE be notified if an illegal alien tried to buy a firearm. Both NH Democrat Congressmen Ann Kuster and Chris Pappas backed that play.  Despite the thousands of MS-13 gang members, narco-terrorists, and human traffickers in the US.

Many of whom are in gangs and have or want access to firearms.

If you can’t put them on the list (even with probable cause) then, in my opinion, you’ve undermined the entire argument for having the law in the first place. Unless you want to admit that its real purpose is not public safety but civilian disarmament.

To make the public less safe. Not holding our breath.

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