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Pappas and Kuster Vote No on Reporting Illegal Immigrants Who Try to Buy a Gun to ICE


Illegal immigrants are here illegally. Illegal immigrants who try to buy a gun are obtaining them illegally. New Hampshire Democrat’s Chris Pappas and Ann Kuster voted against an amendment that would require ICE be notified when an illegal immigrant tries to buy a gun illegally.

They got it right, or should I say left? But not all of Nancy’s Democrats were on the same page as Dear Leader, Pelosi. Twenty-Six of them sided with House Republicans to support the amendment.

If you are keeping Score Justin Amash is the only Republican to vote against the amendment.

Even with Justin’s help, the amendment still passed. Nancy is not happy.

The last-minute motion to recommit has House Democrats considering a rule change for the chamber. 

Speaker Pelosi believes the 26 Democrats who voted for the amendment were confused. They didn’t realize what they were supporting. Had they suspected, Democrats would have passed their all new shiny background check bill without putting illegal immigrant gun buyers (trying to buy guns illegally) at risk for deportation?

That’s the Democrat party in 2019. 

They had to eat it

HR8 is the Bipartisan Background Checks Act of 2019. It requires a federal background check for every firearm purchase. All or any. Democrats wanted it so, in the end, they had to vote for the bill as amended. With the requirement that illegal immigrant gun buyers (trying to buy guns illegally) could be reported to ICE.

I doubt the Bill will survive the Senate or Mr. Trump and a veto override seems unlikely. But if it did survive those cagey Democrats could still hope for an out. If the illegal immigrant gun buyers (trying to buy guns illegally) failing their background check, did so in a sanctuary city, they might still get away. ICE might not get their hands on them. And they could look for a firearm someplace else. Where lawbreakers typically find firearms they use in violent crimes against disarmed law abiding citizens.

But, But, But…

Of course, now that the Bill has advanced both Kuster and Pappas will claim that in the end, they supported the amended bill, and that’s the same thing.

It is not. 

They heard Pelosi’s orders on both votes, and they listened. Did as they were told. They tried to make sure that illegal immigrant gun buyers (trying to buy guns illegally) wouldn’t get reported to Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

So that they would be free to try again until they succeeded, never having to fear deportation as long as Democrats like Pappas and Kuster were in the US House.