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Democrats Come Together in NH to Talk About How To Take Your Stuff

Nh Dem party convention

Did you feel a disturbance in the force yesterday? As if thousands of people suddenly got dumber and then started cheering? That was the NH Dem Party Klan Bake. Complete with presidential wannabees buzzing about trying to get their electoral flowers pollinated.

The State Democrat convention to end all NH conventions. With future potential world leaders exposing their insanely stupid ideas. Like this.

Earlier this week, Bernie Sanders’ illegal alien deputy press secretary, Belén Sisa announced that the campaign will soon release an immigration plan. (Sorry, but to me, a dreamer is a person in REM sleep). The plan was partially designed by Bernie’s illegals, three employees who are in the United States Illegally.

Inmates running the asylum

Mayor Pete Buttigieg said Thursday that Americans eating burgers and drinking from straws are “part of the problem” of causing climate change.

More like the inmates in charge of the inmates who are running around in the asylum.

The only reason Bernie has a plan is because Liz Warren has one. The amalgam of which is this. Let them in, give them licenses and register them to vote, So Democrats can take your burgers and your straws and whatever else they want. That would be everything. From affordable energy to you rights, property, doctor, privacy, earnings, even the words from your mouth and the thoughts in your head.

To which New Hampshire Democrats and all their regional supporters (whom they allow to vote here) cheer.