Democrat Candidates Go to Iowa to Eat Meat and Accelerate the "End of the World" - Granite Grok

Democrat Candidates Go to Iowa to Eat Meat and Accelerate the “End of the World”

Climate Cult candidates assemble. It’s time for the Polk County Iowa Democratic Party annual steak fry.  Leftist Oval Office applicants and their green water carriers gather as 10,500 steaks are grilled to feed an army of environmental hypocrites.

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Democratic candidates recently participated in a CNN climate town hall, where multiple candidates discussed the importance of reducing meat intake. Sen. Kamala Harris (D., Calif.) called for the U.S. government to create incentives to eat less meat.

Manhatten Climate march leftoversOrange man bad. World at a tipping point. But hey, here’s a meat-and-greet with 10,500 steaks where we can ignore our meddling rhetoric (telling you what to eat) and talk about how we’ll defeat that evil Trump character.

These are the same folks who for years have been marching and protesting and attending events behind which they leave their own environmental disaster.


Liberals are pigs who preach to you about beef, then eat it.

Their entire worldview is like that. Their rules are for you. Laws don’t apply to them. It’s about how they will run your life and make you pay for that privilege.

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