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Climate Change Is Real … And We Need To Act Now.

“Climate Change” … the notion that mankind’s activities are warming the planet and that we have reached a tipping point, and if we don’t act immediately to curtail these activities … using fossil fuels to heat our homes, eating meat, sipping from plastic straws, etc. etc. etc. … life on this planet will end in the near future … is REAL … in the minds of millions of young people in America:

It’s all a hoax. A manufactured crisis to get us to give up control of the economy and indeed over our very lives to the DemocRATS. As AOC’s former Chief-of-Staff admitted:

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s chief of staff Saikat Chakrabarti admitted recently that the true motivation behind introducing the Green New Deal is to overhaul the “entire economy.”

Chakrabarti said that addressing climate change was not Ocasio-Cortez’s top priority in proposing the Green New Deal during a meeting with Washington governor Jay Inslee.

“The interesting thing about the Green New Deal, is it wasn’t originally a climate thing at all,” Chakrabarti said to Inslee’s climate director, Sam Ricketts, according to a Washington Post reporter who attended the meeting for a profile published Wednesday.

“Do you guys think of it as a climate thing?” Because we really think of it as a how-do-you-change-the-entire-economy thing,” he added.

So how does young people fervently believing in the Climate-Hoax affect you and me, you ask. Well … the thing about fanatics is … that they tend to act fanatically.

More specifically, they are motivated to get out and vote for DemocRATS and to get others to vote for DemocRATS.

So whenever and however we can … we should try to get them to realize it’s a HOAX:

There is a recent post up from Steve entitled Take 13 Minutes To Inoculate Yourself and Others From Climate Fraud.

Here are some other resources. A great thread from Robby Starbuck on twitter showing the myriad of false doomsday-climate-predictions made by the Left over the years:

An0maly (tweet embedded above) has a similar thread. This tweet from Ryan Saavedra links to an article that debunks the Climate-Hoax:

The Washington Examiner recently published an Op-Ed exposing the Climate-Hoax:

Al Gore predicted in 2009 that the North Pole would be completely ice free in five years. A U.S. Navy scientist in 2013 concluded that the Arctic’s summer sea ice cover would all be melted by 2016. …

The Competitive Enterprise Institute has compiled copies of news clips of these wrong predictions and many more. Most of them are hilarious in hindsight, but they raise a serious question. 

After 50 years of misinformed, misguided, and mistaken predictions, is there any reason to believe that the current prophecies of global warming apocalypse are likely to come true?

If you have any to share, I hope you’ll post them in the comments section here and on the Grok Facebook page.