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CNN Anchor Objects to Allowing Trump Supporters a Platform for Their “Lies”

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Collusion News Network anchor Don Lemon is concerned. About integrity, I think. He’s not sure his network should allow people on who will tell lies. It’s a disservice to the cable news network, you see. And he made the claim without any sense of irony.

CNN’s recent ratings plummet is entirely the result of over two years of lying about one particular issue. Collusion. Reporting lies. Giving a platform to them and offering their “insightful”  (see parroting DNC party narratives)  upon them.

Lemon is complicit in that fraud. But hey, let’s talk about whether CNN should give a platform to the truth-tellers who said you were lying for two years.

Can’t do that.

It’s a familiar refrain. 

The left justifies violence against speech they oppose on similar grounds. They cannot allow you to hear the words of those who disagree with them. Why? Are the people too stupid? Are they so incapable of making decisions for themselves that you must threaten or commit violence to protect them from other people’s speech?

Yes. That’s what they think. Look at how they govern if you’re not certain. Every act first takes from the people and gives to the state.

Or, perhaps, the Democrats suspect you may be smarter and realize the truth. That it is the Don Lemon’s and Andrew Cuomo’s and Democrat officials who are lying. That none of their promises could possibly come true. The result of which would be a diminishment of authoritarian oversight to keep the sheep in line.

I suspect a bit of both depending on how far up the tree you find the rotten apple.

Lemon is right about one thing. It is not a right but a privilege to be allowed to appear on his network. That’s true. They are under no obligation to give a platform to anyone who disagrees with them to talk about anything. And let’s keep it that way.

But that’s where Lemon’s ‘truth’ ends, and the abetting of intimidation continues.

By insisting that anyone with a policy difference is a liar is absurd. Assuming that their ideas are dishonest and not worth the air used to express them is fascist. And it inspires others to similar ends.

ICE officers, and their families, for example, face daily threats from domestic terrorists, also known as registered Democrats, who threaten and attack them. SHooting at their offices. Throwing Molotov cocktails. CNN’s non-stop partisan advocacy (along with MSNBC and the rest) for the Democrat party narratives on ICE officers and border control is wholly responsible.

They know it, and they are proud of it. But rather than taking a step back, they push forward. Violence is a necessary part of the Socialist conquest of a nation be it nationalist of Marxist.

What to do about it?

Here’s my suggestion. Stop having anyone on any of your networks with whom you disagree. Drop the illusion of bipartisan reporting. We know it’s a lie. Embrace your role as the PR arm of the Democrat party.

What’s the worst thing that could happen?

Fox News already has a much larger audience. What are a few hundred thousand more viewers switching daily in search of some actual debate?

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