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Brookline Library Employee Defends Allowing Adult Sex Performers to Read to Children

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Brookline Public Library employee Keith Thompson is defending library use of tax dollars. He says locals are out to defund the library because of  “one program.” What program?

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It’s the one where professional adult performers (drag queens) read gender-bending “literature” to your kids at the local public library.

“I recognized … , some of the usual suspects from Brookline’s conservative cabal. I got there in time to hear Eric Pauer tell the trustees they will oppose future funding for the Library at Town Meeting. I did not mis-hear that folks, he directly threatened to oppose Library funding because of his or their objections to one program.

Let’s reframe that debate, ignoring any conservative, religious, or moral objection, even though these are justified positions in any discussion about public money.

  • Normalizing gender dysphoria creates a 4 in 10 chance that the children so affected will, at some point, attempt suicide.
  • It significantly increases the odds of depression and substance abuse – which include nicotine, alcohol, and drug abuse.
  • These are not moral arguments they are facts recognized by the LGBT community. Issues that surface, even in the most accepted and inclusive environments.

But it’s just one program!

And yes, there is a moral argument, which I wrote about before the event in Brookline

Whatever your tolerance for the practice of men dressing up like women (that sounds like a craft project all its own), Drag Queens are sex performers. The entire focus of the phenomenon is sexuality. So what? Three words. Children. Public. Library


There are a host of things we, as communities agree are not suitable for children. Alcohol, drugs, smoking, vaping, graphic violence, it’s a long list. Sex shows, actual sex (including with adults), pornography, and its related interests have also been kept at a distance.

Certainly not in a public library.

You can claim that no one is making you take your kids there, but the American College of Pediatricians has likened the normalization of this dysphoria to child abuse.

You cannot deny that people who would never subject their children to this ‘abuse’ are still forced to pay for it through local taxes.

Thompson’s revelations ignore this vested interest.

Is it because he is a liberal who advocates the practice or because he is the paid outreach coordinator for a library that spends that money, some of it on his salary? Both?

And is it at all telling that he defends the practice and the expense of town money upon it without even mentioning it by name?

Why not say, hey, people of Brookline! Some of your neighbors don’t think we should use tax dollars to allow men dressed as women to promote a biased partisan sexualized worldview on the community’s children. Please help us defend this use of your dollars.

It’s the “one program” at the library that normalizes behaviors with a documented history promoting clinical depression, substance abuse, and attempted suicide in young adults.

Who could object to that?

Democrat NH State Senator Melanie Levesque is on board.

Here are Thompson’s complete remarks in a PDF with screen grabs of the original (in case he takes the update down) – Language Warning!

Keith Thompson Brookline Library Facebook Status Update