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Brookline, New Hampshire Public Library Schedules Drag Queen Story Time

Brookline NH Drag Queen Storytime

The Brookline Public Library has announced a Drag Queen Story Time. August 29th. There will be stories and a craft. All ages are welcome. Dress-up encouraged. No kidding?

And a craft? That sounds creepy.

Whatever your tolerance for the practice of men dressing up like women (that sounds like a craft project all its own), Drag Queens are sex performers. The entire focus of the phenomenon is sexuality. So what? Three words. Children. Public. Library.

Again, as noted multiple times, I could care less if you like to dress up like a woman.

For the record, if you are a guy who likes ladies’ clothes and makeup, have at it. I don’t care. Keep a job, pay your taxes, raise a “family,” go to jury duty, live two or three lives or just one as long as you follow the law. If it makes you self-reliant and self-supporting, you are welcome to your choices.

None of my business. I’m not at all interested in with whom you are sexually attracted as long as they are of legal age and it is consensual.

I do take issue with parading sex performers in front of children. I don’t care if they are men, women, prostitutes, drag queens, transwoman lesbians or Jeffrey Epstein (alive or dead). With precedent.

There are a host of things we, as communities agree are not suitable for children. Alcohol, drugs, smoking, vaping, graphic violence, it’s a long list. Sex shows, actual sex (including with adults), pornography, and its related interests have also been kept at a distance.

Certainly not in a public library.

And that’s without getting into the very real sub-culture efforts to normalize adult sex with minors. It’s a thing, and I oppose that in all its forms.

And on that point, have you considered what might happen if a private citizen hosted such a gathering on their property and invited children to dress up and come listen to a drag queen? 

Hey, I’m having a sex worker over for a meet and greet, bring your kids and make sure they dress up.

Using the Library is meant to give legitimacy to a practice most people would question it under different circumstances.

Think about that, Brookline.