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Biden Says His Plan Would Put 720 Million Women Back to Work

Biden Is Coming

If you thought Joe Biden’s promise to cure cancer was a stretch check this out. He has a plan to put 720 million women back to work.  It’s a child tax credit. The bigger problem, of course, will be finding that many women to put back to work.

That’s a Big F……. Deal! but we’re about 600 million women short.

I’m not sure if Joe is rolling this in as an immigration incentive, not that this would work. The economy is good, but we don’t have jobs for another 600 million people regardless of sex (or gender). Not even in New Hampshire, where we are effectively at 100% employment and still have jobs to fill.

Just not 600 million.

Joe’s plan, math be damned, is to give women a childcare tax credit of $8,000 per year. My first thought is, who is running (or will be) the child/homecare workers Union USA? Democrats don’t give money away they launder it. Into activism, in-kind contributions, dependent slaves to the Party, or cronies.

They don’t care about mom’s or children unless there is an angle.

Will Joe oppose abortion moving forward because it will produce more mom’s, more childcare, and more potential voters (and likely moms), in successive generations?

Probably not.

But this ties into the cancer thing which reminds me about the Democrats braying about stem cells. If you recall they spent a good deal of capital from 2002 to 2010 yelling about Stem cell lines. GW Bush had continued to fund existing embryonic lines but put a stop on developing new programs. The left sold it as a war on science and healthcare.

The real was on science was the left’s climate cult, and the real war on Health care was Obamacare.

Stem cell research has come a long way thanks to adult stem cell therapies, but like everything else, treatment and cure were never the goals of the left. Democrats wanted a money tunnel through abortion providers for fetal stem cells. We’ve seen a similar profit motive thanks to the Planned Parenthood’s aborted baby organ harvesting scandal.

A portion of every dollar goes to Democrats who can milk taxpayers to fund Democrats through Planned Parenthood. I imagine Joe’s cancer cure plan has similar veins. O, maybe Bien is a visionary who has prophesied the end of on-demand abortion and wants to get in front of endless childcare opportunities as a wealth wagon for the Left’s party of the future?


This is Joe Biden. Even his handlers need handlers.

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