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Barry Promised to Stop the Seas from Rising – Biden Says He’ll Cure Cancer


Barry Obama famously noted that he’d stop the seas from rising. An easy promise to keep. At 2-3mm a year, no one had noticed much change over 100 years, so 4-8 more years and another few were no big deal. Not to be outdone his VP, now a candidate for the Dem nomination, says, “Hey. I’ll cure cancer.”

And Al Gore invented the internet.

Obama, of course, failed miserably. We know this because the sea level rise rhetoric has risen faster than the actual sea. Biden is doomed to fail as well. And not just because Democrats are wrong about him. He’s not the guy who can beat Trump. He’ll fail because succeeding is not the point.

Biden’s prophetic leap has only one goal, and it’s not to cure cancer. It is the rising sea of government power. He wants to marshal the resources of others to expand the government. Seize control of health care. Further, regulate research. Take the brightest minds and tie them to the anchor of the bureaucracy.

And much like ‘infrastructure spending‘ it will amount to less not more.

Ever notice how we can never spend enough on roads and bridges yet every year they get worse?

It will be the Left’s high-speed rail to health care. Another grossly expensive, money pit. A poorly managed boondoggle doomed at best to mediocrity and inevitable decline.

We should stop and point out that this (cancer research) is not a new priority for Joe. Mr. Biden’s son Beau died in 2015 after a battle with cancer. Then VP Biden headed (at least on paper) the Obama Admin’s Cancer Moonshot. A 6.3-billion-dollar redistribution directed by experts in DC. There’s no clear evidence that this money has been well spent, but the spending continues.

He also has the Biden Cancer Initiative, a non-profit devoted to funding research. It has nearly 4 million in gross receipts and over 2 million in assets. I couldn’t view the 990, so I can’t say much more about it except that it has money and let’s hope it is being applied toward the stated goal. (Breitbart reports that Biden is no longer part of the initiative while he is running for President.)

We should applaud the private effort. It’s a good thing. But Biden’s ideological proclivity is to shift more of that responsibility to government. And while there are few forces in the universe as able to collect and redistribute wealth like the State, the greedy nature of that beast will intentionally or not find itself feeding other cravings to stay afloat.

A cancer research cartel combined with government managed health care monopoly may rise based on good intentions but is doomed to fail. Its first priority will always be to feed the machine to keep it running while sacrificing everything else including research and care.

So, even if Biden’s heart is in the right place, his mind is trapped in a socialist solution that will become an administrative cancer on the lifeblood of the so-called mission.

Unless his plan is to get government out of the way. But what are the odds of that?

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