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Antifa Calls Black Speaker at “Ending Racism” Event a White Supremacist


Daryl Davis is an African American and a “race relations expert who has spent years speaking to and rehabilitating members of groups like the KKK.” Antifa called him a white supremacist.

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He was a featured speaker at an event called “Ending Racism … which was part of a series “intended to create dialogue and promote viewpoint diversity.” Antifa flagged it as a gathering of race haters.

Davis deal is simple. Regardless of the extremism, his point is that the only way to prevent or stop violence is dialogue

“A lot of these groups – let’s take Black Lives Matter, let’s take Antifa, let’s take the Ku Klux Klan – none of these groups today are centralized,” he said. “They’re all autonomous … It’s the same thing with Antifa.”

“Half of them may believe [in] what they’re doing … they may believe that they’re doing some good. But I truly believe that the other half of them [Antifa] are simply into anarchy … They’re anti-racist, so they’re gonna go beat up people who are racist – but this is the exact same thing the racists do. They’re not behaving any differently.”

For all the accusations of hate and racism being hurled around, where are the voices calling out groups like Antifa? Where are the Democrat voices? People, who claim to oppose discrimination, stereotyping, and hate.

Champions of diversity and equality.

Our readers know that is far from the truth. The left’s social experiments turn on stereotyping and (most importantly) viewpoint discrimination. Their ideological supremacy prohibits views other than their own. You can’t be gay, or trans, or Black, or Latino, and Republican. It’s all or nothing.

Folks like Davis are saying that’s the problem not the solution.

And Antifa, being a militant arm of leftist ideology, is incapable of separating Davis and his mission from their own discriminatory bias. An ideology whose answer is to be as violent and intolerant as those they claim to oppose.

And ignorant.

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