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What the Hell Will Jen Horn Do Now? Log Cabin Republicans Have Endorsed Donald Trump


Do you remember that time? At the NHGOP convention. When Jen Horn tried to get traditional marriage removed from the state party platform? That didn’t happen. But she was working for the Log Cabin Republicans, who have just endorsed Trump.

Jennifer Horn is a Never Trumper so now what?

In an op-ed published Thursday in The Washington Post, Robert Kabel, the group’s chairman, and Jill Homan, the vice chairwoman, declared that “The Log Cabin Republicans endorse Donald Trump for reelection as president.”

That’s a national LGBT group. Sure, with the word Republican in it, but they were not going to endorse the President. They refused to endorse him in 2016. And now they have for 2020. So, no more Log Cabin for Jennifer Horn? Has the former State Republican Party Chair already parted ways with them? 

I don’t know.

Horn also had a brief affiliation with the Bill Weld for President side-show. Weld, the former “not a registered Democrat” governor of Massachusetts, is infamous for endorsing both Obama and Hillary and searching for political relevance. Like Jennifer.

I can’t say if Horn ever openly endorsed a Democrat unless you count Bill Weld, and I don’t think she endorsed him, she just took his money to run his campaign for two months. Unless he didn’t pay her. 

I have no idea either way nor do I much care. What does make me wonder is this. At what date in the future will Jennifer Horn finally register as a Democrat? A Wednesday morning in November when Mr. Trump wins his second term?

They’d love to have her.

We’d love that too. 


Note: An earlier version of this post suggested that Jennifer Horn hates Donald Trump. I changed the language because while she is a Never Trumper, and she is anti-Trump, I can’t say for certain if she hates him.