UPDATE #2: DCYF just can't stop stepping all over itself, even in CYA mode when trying to close the case. - Granite Grok

UPDATE #2: DCYF just can’t stop stepping all over itself, even in CYA mode when trying to close the case.

I wrote about DCYF a while ago (here and here). In trying to get their side of the story, even with permission from the parents, everyone refused to talk “to the media” (being GraniteGrok).

To recap, this was a case where something was alleged, the problem was rectified, the original problem turned out to be not a problem at all – things were done for the safety of the family and the child due to “issues”, but DCYF just couldn’t just drop it.

Even when the evidence was against it and it was clear that they weren’t abiding either by the RSAs (simply spouting off a reference expecting parents to start shivering to their timbers in fright of losing their children) or their own policies (yeah, they didn’t know those either).  It doesn’t help their case that one of the parents doesn’t like being arbitrarily being pushed around – it seems that “prior Marines” have that kind of mindset.  It also doesn’t help that he decided to actually READ what they were talking about.  And so we go on to the next phase…

It has now been a couple of months since this started and with very little being done (other than, I bet, lots of communications going up and down the chain of command because of GraniteGrok), I finally got word that DCYF was willing to close the case. However, it seems like the VERBIAGE being used, the operative sentence / phrase, makes it seem like the DCYF wants the parent to sign paperwork that basically says that while they are closing the case, DCYF is still trying to blame the parents.

Problem is, the problem that they are intimating that there is still a problem, that DCYF is not accepting any error on their part, and that the parents are still a problem.  Problem is, the Eldest has paperwork proving that’s a crock: specifically, a supervisor’s initialing a piece of paper signifying that all is well. Oopsies – huge contradiction that well could fly well in court!  The Eldest is not taking this lightly.

Note to DCYF – you never want see him go full Eldest!

And it is a great of examples of government bureaucracies that are putting themselves above their mission to others in order to protect itself.  And Democrats / Progressives / govt workers can’t seem to understand, even if only by the actions of a few bad apples, the general public keeps downrating their opinion of Government?

It is clear that a winning campaign phrase for those on the Right can be, opposed to that stupid Democrat saying of “People over profits”, one that points out a real problem: “People over Government”.  Why?

That’s what our Founders tried to create.  It has become, however, what Statists / Socialists have been working at doing for well over a century: Government over people and resulting in The Bigger the Government, the smaller the citizen.

To Be Continued…