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The Wright Museum – more than just declaring itself a “Gun Free Zone”?

Executive Director Michael Culver Ph.D. has declared that “Starting July 24, 2019, the Wright Museum of WWII is now posting that it is a weapons-free zone.”  This notice will soon be posted on the museum’s website and entry doors.

“The Wright Museum and Campus are Smoke and Weapons-free Zones”

This is starting to get more and more interesting. Tom and I posted up on the Wright Museum (located in Wolfeboro, NH) here and here, after the Executive Director, Michael Culver made his declaration. Since then we’ve been hearing from lots of folks – from supporters (well, former supporters), donors of both money and artifacts, and from a number of folks “on the inside.”

While a few have been positive, most are really upset and some unhappy.  That’s what the Left does to a community that otherwise is well functioning. It destroys it to remake it into its own image.

Note to E.D. Culver – don’t even bother to ask who – we protect our sources better than you do our shared history. But I will be roaring over the witch hunt that I am predicting will happen as we post up the information we’re getting. You won’t be a happy camper.

And deleting negative online social media posts, as either you or your staff have been doing since we started reporting on this, will be impossible with us. Just look at us as the current version of the American WWII era OSS……you DO know who they were, right?

Again, a reminder, a museum “appreciation of the exceptional contributions on the home front and the battlefields made by World War II-era Americans” who, pretty much, were all armed with all kinds of weapons. That the Museum Executive Director (and a subservient Board of Directors) has declared, with MUCH irony, to be a weapon-free zone.  Let us see how TRULY intellectually honest they are on this point.

Suggestion: donors of exhibit material may want to consider asking for them back (and doing it VERY quickly). Because, who knows, a dumpster may be driving at the back door if they REALLY decide to be intellectually honest and start the ban with the weapons in their showcases.  Your precious relics may just become splinters of wood and crushed metal with this mindset.

Anyways, we at GraniteGrok have been armed with some info-weapons and tactics of our own because of this self-inflicted gunshot of a PR fiasco.

I dryly note, as Tom mentioned, that these re-enactor folks are most likely no longer welcome (those that love our history so much that it is a major hobby for them) because, GUNS! Yet, it seems,  the museum has no problem in continuing to profit off them” by keeping it in their Photo Gallery page.

Here’s their Facebook Page, their Twitter Page, and their Instagram Page.  Leave a comment, tweet, or pic there.  Then save itwe’ve had lots of reports of deletions.  Let us know if they don’t like it by deleting them.

It’s what the Left does – silencing dissent.

To Be Continued…