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NH World War II Museum Declares Itself a Gun-Free Zone

For many reasons these days, members of The Greatest Generation are likely rolling in their graves.

Over the past few decades, the Left has infected our country with a blight of Socialism, Marxism and absolute anti-Americanism not seen since the early 1900s.

WWII veterans gave their youth, their health and their lives to free us from a worldwide tyranny bent on enslaving the people of the United States.

Only to see us nearly give it all away in 75 short years.

But it gets worse.

There is a private museum in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire dedicated to an “appreciation of the exceptional contributions on the home front and the battlefields made by World War II-era Americans.

But the directors of this museum recently made a decision that flies brazenly in the face of the freedoms fought for and protected by our grandfathers – they turned the museum into a gun-free zone.

Executive Director Michael Culver Ph.D. has declared that “Starting July 24, 2019, the Wright Museum of WWII is now posting that it is a weapons-free zone.”  This notice will soon be posted on the museum’s website and entry doors.

“The Wright Museum and Campus are Smoke and Weapons-free Zones”

I wonder if Dr. Culver is aware that this now makes his museum a target-rich environment for the lunatics that roam among us – as nearly all recent mass shootings have occurred in gun-free zones such as schools, movie theaters, hospitals and churches.  After all, if you want to complete an act of evil, why not do it where no one can fight back?

But let’s skip the hypotheticals for a minute.  Just this week, deranged vandals tried to sink a WWII-era submarine museum in New Jersey.  And, in March, another group targeted a WWII memorial in Boston with black paint or oil.

None of this is really surprising, since we know that Leftists want to destroy the traditions and heritage of the United States – payback for all the “sins” it has committed over time.  First the Confederate statues – next, *all* war memorials.

Now, Wright Museum attendees (and their families) will join the ranks of the defenseless, should another group of lowlifes decide to target this particular facility.

What are these people thinking?

Beyond disarming the museum’s visiting public, Dr. Culver and his do-gooders are also prohibiting volunteer reenactors from using firearms in their acts – replica or otherwise.  As a “gun-free zone”, these actors will likely be forced to use pieces of wood or plastic to simulate the M1 Garand, 1911 Pistol, M3 .45ACP and M2 .50 Machine Guns that were used by our veterans to literally save the world.

Let’s take bets on how many of these dedicated volunteers decide to practice their reenacting craft elsewhere.

This museum doesn’t appear to be a publicly-funded enterprise, so their ban on personal weapons (including reenactors) seems perfectly legal.  But looking at some of the grants they’ve recently received, it becomes clear where this decision may stem from:

  • Madelaine G. von Weber Trust – spelled incorrectly on the museum website, this trust typically funds environmental, conservation and social services projects.
  • NH Humanities Council – This group is partially funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities and is thoroughly embedded into the university community.  One could safely guess that this organization is not very pro-Second Amendment or Constitutionally-minded.
  • Saul O. Sidmore Memorial Foundation – Also firmly embedded into the university community, this fund focuses on humanities projects, including sustainability and the arts.  Mostly Liberal issues.

One can only assume that the people who run this museum are also, themselves, sanctimonious, self-enlightened warriors of gun-grabbing.

While I will defend the right of a private institution to make their own rules, I will also call out those who face-slap our natural rights protected by the Constitution – especially when tied to a cause such as memorializing veterans.

My guess is that many of the WWII veterans who fought for us would agree.

I would encourage you to think twice about visiting this establishment (as I do with all places that advocate against our liberties), discouraging the bad behavior of this Executive Director and Board. 

And, perhaps, send them a direct message (here).