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The Warren Approach… This time it’s Guns

Elizabeth Warren wants gun control. She will use any means necessary to get it. Her latest tactic will tax gun makers at 30% on firearms, 50% on ammunition. Warren says her plan centers on reducing the number of gun deaths. Interestingly, she is not interested in murders by other causes. She has no proposal for knives which are used in about four times as many murders as guns are.

The Warren Attack

The Socialist, Elizabeth Warren, Fauxcahauntas as she is lovingly called by those amused with her false claims to Native American heritage, aims to attack guns by:

Silencing speech
  • She plans to strip pro-gun activists of their lobbying power.
    • That’s called silencing political speech.
    • Warren wants not only to take you guns but your right to Free Speech
  • Instituting background checks for gun purchases.
    • That’s something in place.
More IRS targeting
  • Warren plans to investigate using a weaponized the IRS to attack the non-profit status of political opponents.
    • She plans to revoke any tax benefits group she does not favor may have.
    • Not only is that bigoted but it is unconstitutional.
    • It has been done before successfully until Obama’s IRS had to pay damages with tax payer money for the clearly illegal acts of his agents.
    • It’s gun people today. It could be you tomorrow. She wants a mechanism for purges.
Enforcement issues are not fixed by more laws
  • She tries to differentiate online and at gun show sales.
    • Those things are enforcement issues.
    • They do not require new legislation to cover background check requirements.
  • Creating a federal licensing system;
    • There is no need for or benefit from licensing.
    • That does one thing; facilitate confiscation.
    • If background checks are 100% required you already have registered all guns and owners.
Targeting industries and people for attack by governmental agencies
  • Though the gun lobby is much smaller than other industries, she plans to zero in on their operations.
    • Warren wants to weaponize the Department of Justice by using her attorney general
    • She plans to crack down on any financial activity of the industry.
    • You work for a company. Do you want the government targeting your employer?
    • It is just not what government is supposed to be doing.
  • Raising the minimum purchasing age to 21;
    • There is no evidence that automobiles are less dangerous than guns.
    • What is the minimum age for purchasing knives?
    • There just is no logic for this.

Unconstitutional changes in the powers of government

  • Warren hopes to curb the power of Congressional support pro-gun positions.
    • The main tool to block gun control measures filibuster.
    • Warren it threatening to use executive branch power to control the legislative branch.
    • That’s a problem because they are co-equal branches of government.
    • It is a problem because it violates separation of powers.
  • Prosecuting traffickers who move guns across state and international lines;
    • Again this is an enforcement issue which additional legislation does not help.
  • Banning assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines.
    • There is no such thing as an assault weapon.
    • That is verbiage aims at generating fear not informing debate.
  • Warren says she will pass sweeping anti-corruption legislation.
    • That assumes anyone who does not share her views is corrupt. That is problematic.
    • Perhaps more troubling is knowing she has openly expressed the intention of attacking the electorate and political foes with the agencies of the government.
  • She would also cap firearm purchases to one per month;
    • There is no logic behind this at all.
    • How many other products will the government next step in to control your purchase rate.
    • It simply prevents the law abiding citizen from doing what any criminal will do.
Holding manufacturers liable for use
  • She wants to make gun manufacturers liable for gun deaths.
    • Shall we make auto manufacturers liable for auto deaths?
    • How about drug manufacturers?
    • How about knife manufacturers?
    • That is a very dangerous precedent for all manufacturers.
  • Close the “boyfriend loophole” to protect survivors of domestic abuse;
    • If someone has a domestic violence issue now we have laws on the books to deal with that.
    • More laws simply do not make is safer. More laws feed more lawyers.
    • You do not fix an enforcement issue with more laws… it requires more enforcement.
  • Raise taxes on gun manufacturers to 30% on firearms and 50% on ammunition
    • You are the target of the additional taxation. You are going to pay the taxes.
    • She does not even talk abut enforcement of existing laws.
    • Manufacturers must pass the tax to the end product purchaser.
    • Self protection is not a luxury item. Taxation should not make it one.
    • Why does gun use for self defense never enter her analysis?
    • Why do celebrities like Warren have armed guards?
      • Yet they want to prevent you from having the same level of protection for yourself and your family?
    • They can afford it and maybe you cannot.
    • Warren is discriminating against you. That’s unfair.

Don’t be fooled. As with many of her policies, Warren panders to the far left. She wants America disarmed. Somehow she links gun control with eradicating corruption in Washington. Well guess what. That’s illogical. It is as illogical as it is destructive of your rights and your safety. You having a gun does not make Warren or DC less corrupt. She’s been in DC long enough to have had an impact on the corruption of the swamp. That has not happened.


It has not happened because she’s a shrill tyrant. She’s unable to get a result by working with others. Her plan is to set up a mechanism for using the government to purge people and things of which she personally does not approve. Her goal is to take your money, take your voice, take your guns, take away your freedom and make you a slave to big government.