Quick Thought: "Family, Faith, Friends, Flag, Firearms" - NH State Rep Wendy Thomas hates those ideas. - Granite Grok

Quick Thought: “Family, Faith, Friends, Flag, Firearms” – NH State Rep Wendy Thomas hates those ideas.

Merrimack voters take note – this is how your elected Democrat representatives really think of you!

When I read Grokster Ed’s post on NH State Rep Wendy Thomas (D-Merrimack)‘s tweets on the Trump Rally, I wasn’t really surprised at most of them.  She a far Left Progressive; expected from her.  But one of her pics (I’m using the actual tweet so if it goes away, Ed’s post has the image) really shows how distant the NH Democrat Party has gone from what used to be basic American philosophy:

I’m going to leave the Firearms out of this for a bit although I do believe that in this stratified political environment that the Democrats have made in which EVERYTHING has now been politicized, the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is now a Proxy for Freedom; and Democrats are trying to reduce that Freedom with every action they take.

If I were the shirt designer, I would have altered the order (Faith, Family, Friends, Flag) but the sentiment is the same: God, Family, Friends, Country.  I think that every person on the Right pretty much can agree on that.  We are a Judeo-Christian based country, we love our family (nuclear and extended), we love our friends, and we love our Country.  Those bedrock principles were the foundation of this country and have served us well since our beginning.

Well, until the Left decided, via Cultural Marxism / Critical Theory, that in order to debase our society and make it malleable so as to remake it in THEIR image.  Look, I get that Thomas has an extremely low view of those that are not Progressives – it’s part of the “Othering” they do even as they try to call Conservatives out for doing while declaring their hands are clean.  Sorry – a prime example here of how she must see HALF of her constituents – backwards, rednecks (or as I was corrected by Weekend Pundit on Friday, “swamp Yankees”), bitter clingers to God and a country that is evil.

That’s right, evil.  If you support, or just even voted for Trump as not-Hillary, you are evil.  Her back handed comment “Looks like this guy would be fun at a Party” just drips with condescension. Merrimack, do you really want to keep a Representative who does nothing but look down your nose at you?  Yet, we ALL used to think that holding those values was not just normal but honorable.  Her assumptions about a person she has never met aside, the fact that she made that comment about those ideals should tell you a lot about this incipient totalitarian.

After all, “Government” was first on the list.  It also wasn’t the ONLY item on the list.  Only if those two conditions were met would she even THINK to go “oh, acceptable person”.  It has come to this.

Your worth, to her, is predicated by your worldview and your beliefs.  Vary from the Cultural Marxist outlook that all you are should belong to The State and you are nothing but an artifact to be ridiculed.  This is the attitude not of those elected to represent but those who believe they are the only ones that should rule.

Family?  Government is your family – after all, it is, as was said at a Democrat National Convention, the one thing that we all belong to (and no, most of us don’t agree of how “belong to” is used by them).  Nuclear family? They are doing all they can, by whatever means at their disposal, to make it irrelevant.

Faith? Keep your “god” within your own household and strictly in your “house of worship”; never bring it out to the public square.  We can’t see him (or her), we don’t acknowledge your invisible and imaginary deity, only Government matters.

Friends?  “I’m from the Government and I’m here to help you” – and that’s all you need to know or want.

Flag? What flag?  The one that represents a country built on slavery, socioeconomic inequality, misogyny, xenophobia?  The one that holds up that hard work, persistence, abiding by the Rule of Law, that American culture that is just as valid (or MORE) as any other?  The one that stands for the Ugly American? The one that represents oppression and is made up of people like the guy in that t-shirt: white supremacy? That proclaims “America is #1”?

No, NH State Rep Wendy Thomas just told us all how she thinks, the values she wishes to destroy, and how she feels about those that do not hold to the white guilt she espouses.

And no, this was, like many other times, no longer a Quick Thought.