Political Candidate in Canada: ‘Fidel Castro was a Hero’ - Granite Grok

Political Candidate in Canada: ‘Fidel Castro was a Hero’

Put this in the column “you can’t make this stuff up.” That there are people in this world who actually believe Fidel Castro or Che Guevara were ‘heroes’ is absolutely horrifying.

This came across my Twitter feed. I’ve seen some really stupid things on Twitter, on a daily basis in fact, but this woman is running for political office in Ontario, which makes it not just stupid but dangerously stupid:

Of course, she got a lot of responses absolutely excoriating her for this. These are just a few:

So many people responded to her lunacy that she decided to comment about it:

Who IS this lunatic? Meet Clara the Commie:

It’s disturbing that so many people don’t understand the truth about Communism and actually seek to turn otherwise democratic countries into Communist sh*tholes of death.

It’s 2019, are people too stupid to read history books or have our history books been so altered by leftists that they no longer provide factual history anymore?