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Was the Claremont Lynching Story a Fake Hate Crime?

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It was advertised as an attempted lynching. Stories accompanied by pictures of a bi-racial boy’s neck with rope burns and labeled as a hate crime. But the New Hampshire State Supreme Court is now hinting that it was a false narrative.


Identity politics chicken-littles aided and abetted by social justice culture warriors made it into something it was not. Admittedly without all the facts.

But that’s the issue I have with Hate Crime as a concept in policing and law. It is so subjective as to be impossible without supposition. Advocates insist they can predict the state of mind and motivations of the accused. But even in the cases where there was evident animus, the crime itself is more than adequate to prosecute without the fuzzy social math of cloudy subjective judgment by race-baiters.

The douchebag in El Paso wanted to send a message to illegal immigrants. Get out and stay out. To send that message he committed mass-murder. But premeditated Murder is no more or less of crime based on the idea that it might have been racially motivated.  What is gained by adding a few years here or there onto his multiple life sentences or in this case, a possible death penalty judgment?

It is a useless gesture that serves no legal purpose even in lesser cases. It does, however, inflame racial tension which – at least for some politically motivated individuals – serves a different purpose. 

Such is the case in Claremont. This boy has rope burns on his neck. He is a person of color. Holy Hate Crimes Batman!

It is too compelling to ignore the pre-determined narrative.

The story circles the globe in a heartbeat to become more evidence reinforcing a particular political narrative that advantages the left.

The NH AG’s office creates a Civil Rights division. 

Then the State Supreme Court approves the release of documents that tell a different story. The hate crime narrative was oversold

The ruling also casts doubt on the narrative that has developed in the high-profile case, which national media pounced upon. Media overwhelmingly reported that playmates had subjected the 8-year-old boy to racial taunts before putting a tire-swing rope around his neck and pushing him off a picnic table.

The culture of renewed racism created by the left and fueled by many in the media is responsible for perpetuating a lie. Grotesque false acts like that of high-profile players like Jussie Smollett make matters worse, not better. It’s as if they need so badly for the hate narrative to be real that in its absence, they either manufacture it or choose to see it everywhere.

The reality is that most of these so-called hate crimes are hoaxes.Union Leader Print Headline Claremeont Lynching

While we do not have all the details yet from the court, it appears obvious what happened. Kids were fooling around and doing stupid things. There are dares or challenges. It gets out of hand. One boy is injured, and boys can’t just be boys (just ask Gillette), so it has to be something else.

And so, it is until we get the final word. But I think the Union Leaders Print Headline says it all. “Court Cites ‘False narrative’ in alleged lynching.”

The only narrative to date was that this was a lynching and a hate crime. That is no longer the case.