Muslim Assimilation... Part 2 of 4 - Granite Grok

Muslim Assimilation… Part 2 of 4

The faces of Islam…

The doctrine of Islam includes annihilation. It does not include assimilation. Every Muslim you meet is not going to come across as though they want to annihilate you. Remember, all Islam has two faces.

There is the face of Mecca which is kind and peaceful enough. The Muslims then are all, we are happy to be here. We don’t have any demands. It is the face shown when Muslims are not in a position of strength.

Then there is the face of Medina which shows when Muslims are in a position of strength. When they are strong they become very assertive to the point of annihilation. There are two Islams; a strong Islam and a weak Islam. They are steps in a process.

Islam by it own words…

Let’s look at the Quran and what it says about assimilation.

Quran 2:193 “Fight them, the kafir, until there is no more discord and the religion of Allah reigns absolute. But if they submit then only fight those who do wrong. That is those who do not follow the Sharia.”

Now, is this about assimilation or domination? The answer is obvious, it is about domination.

Let’s look at a Hadith.

Hadith Muslim 001, 0031 “Mohammad: I have been ordered to wage war against mankind until they accept that there is no god but Allah and they believe I am his prophet.”

Therefore Mohammad says there will be war until the whole world becomes Islamic. Is this assimilation? No it is not. It is annihilation.

Another Hadith.

Bukhari, 4, 52, 196 “Mohammad: I have been ordered to fight the Kafir until every one of them admits there one god, Allah and I am his prophet.”

Here again we have a doctrine not of assimilation but annihilation.

The Law of Saturation…

When Islam comes into a society initially it is friendly enough. It shows its Meccan face. The appearance is docile and meek. But over time it grows through annihilation and rules all. It shows its Medinan face. Ultimately, and it may take centuries, but Islam does not assimilate it dominates.


There is only one way there has been migration that it did not continue into saturation. That way is war. In Spain there were 700 years of war. There was war in the Balkans. In Central Europe there was war. The only time that Islam does not dominate is when war against Islam stops it.