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Merrimack State Rep Wendy Thomas Makes a Fool Only of Herself

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I previously posted about Merrimack’s DemocRAT State Rep -Phony “Water-Warrior”- Wendy Thomas … whose campaign was all about safe-water but who revealed herself after getting elected as a hard-Left extremist whose goal is to “smash the patriarchy” … here.

Sorry to use the hackneyed phrase “sunk to a new low,” but Phony Water-Warrior Wendy sunk to a new low at the Trump Rally, which she attended for the purpose of mocking and insulting Trump supporters. A sampling of the Phony Water-Warrior’s handiwork:

Hey, I get it. Politics “ain’t beanbag” to use another hackneyed phrase. But it is one thing to go after political figures and activists … as I regularly do … and another thing altogether to go after the decent, hard-working, law-abiding Americans who attend Trump rallies as the Phony Water-Warrior did.

So now check out this tweet from the Phony Water-Warrior:

Give me a break! What kind of parent brings her children to a  “riot.” The safest people in the world are protesters at a Trump rally. It is the Trump supporters, on the other hand, who have been the victims of and have to worry about violence from the Left.

Phony fear … so she can virtue-signal … from the Phony Water-Warrior. You make a fool only of yourself, Wendy Thomas.