State Rep Wendy Thomas – A Total Fraud

Murphy rung stack thomas

This from earlier this week:

I though to myself when I saw this tweet that Thomas’ tweets before the election said nothing about “smashing the patriarchy,” but rather were all about safe-water. So I searched her timeline. Which confirmed my recollection.

A sampling:

Indeed, after the election Thomas attributed her victory to running as a non-partisan focused on safe water:

Turns out that was all a smokescreen to fool the voters and get elected to pursue a hyper-Leftist agenda – “smashing the patriarchy.”

What a fraud.

I hope there is a viable Republican Town Committee in Merrimack that finds solid, electable Republicans to run against Thomas and her fellow “Water Warrior” phonies. And that the voters are fully informed, before they cast their votes, that the Democrats essentially defrauded them in 2018 because Thomas and her ilk are actually Left-wing extremists.