Jennifer Horn Parts Ways with the Log Cabin Republicans 'cuz "Trump" - Granite Grok

Jennifer Horn Parts Ways with the Log Cabin Republicans ‘cuz “Trump”

LGBT for Trump

Yesterday I asked, What the hell Will Jennifer Horn do now that the Log cabin Republicans have endorsed Donald Trump for President in 2020. This morning we got our answer.

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Paul Steinhauser from Concord’s newsprint Fish Wrap of record tweeted a copy of Horn’s resignation letter to the Log Cabin Republican leadership.

JHo resigns from Log Cabin Republicans

A Trump endorsement was all it took. I wonder if that’s why they did it?

To be clear, I have taken issue with the Log Cabin Republicans for years. Their ‘equality’ agenda, deliberately or not, is advancing policy that undergirds the left’s social justice agenda. Priorities the Left intends to use to stifle free speech, to compel speech, and to kneecap religious expression.

Republican Governor Sununu has also been all-in on that agenda, and we’ve taken him to task for it here.

It all reeks of No Labels and the Coffee party. Schemes created to push people on the center-right into the center-left.

My one hope is that in the end, the Log Cabin Republicans, and Sununu, and Horn, will work just as diligently to ensure these laws, boards, commissions (and their advocates) are not permitted to turn those tools into weapons of oppression.

As for Ms. Horn, we wish her the best with whichever never-Trumper coalition she attaches herself to next. I’m sure they will benefit from the same skills she used to turn the NH Republican Party into a disorganized, divisive, bowl-swirling mess.