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Gun Control: When a Soy Boy Meets a FUDD

The lame stream media is all over the story about Robert ‘Beto’ O’Rourke going to a gun show in Conway, Arkansas and talking to ‘gun owners’ in a ‘red state.’

It’s not clear if he talked to anyone who actually supports the 2nd Amendment but he certainly met some FUDDS:

Of course, anyone who is in the business of selling firearms must be licensed by the federal government and must conduct background checks. It’s unclear what this guy is selling or if he’s even telling the truth about selling firearms.

FYI, I have never met anyone who owns a semi-automatic rifle call it an ‘assault weapon:’

What is a FUDD you ask?

Leftists and the media are going to continue to push their false narratives over and over and over again in order to fearmonger people who know nothing about semi-automatic rifles. If they keep repeating lies enough, eventually people will believe them and in many cases they do.

Don’t be a FUDD.

And don’t be a LIAR.

You aren’t having an actual discussion if you aren’t basing your discussion on FACTS Soy Boy.

Feel free to read O’Rourke’s insane gun control plan here.