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Democrats Use Horrific Events to Push Bloomberg-Backed Gun Control

Yesterday, Granite State Progress, the out-of-state funded extreme left-wing organization that wouldn’t tell the truth if their lives depended upon it, held a press conference in the Legislative Office Building to push the Bloomberg-backed gun control Democrats passed in the New Hampshire House and Senate.

The NH GOP alerted Granite Staters about the Democrats’ disgusting ploy in a press release:

Democrats are disgustingly politicizing a tragedy by sending the Governor these anti-Second Amendment bills immediately following terrible acts of violence in Texas and Ohio. None of these bills would have prevented those tragedies. But, by purposefully withholding the legislation for months until tragedy struck, Democrats made it clear that they are only here to play politics and they should be ashamed of themselves. This is a despicable new low for Senator Soucy and Speaker Shurtleff. Make no mistake, New Hampshire is consistently ranked as one of the safest states in the nation due to our strong Second Amendment and Article 2A culture. Governor Sununu is right to veto all anti-Second Amendment legislation, and Granite Staters support him doing so.

Democrats consistently dip their hands in the blood of victims to push their agenda. They do so before the victims have even been identified. It’s far worse NH Democrats are dipping their hands in the blood of victims in order to push gun control legislation that will only create MORE VICTIMS.

Not one piece of legislation the Democrats passed will stop a criminal from killing anyone. Not one piece of legislation Democrats passed will cause a criminal to think twice before committing a heinous act. No, the legislation Democrats have passed only ENABLES criminals to seek out easier prey. The legislation Democrats have passed only criminalizes law-abiding Granite Staters.

The legislation New Hampshire Democrats passed only makes it more difficult for Granite Staters, especially women, to protect themselves FROM psychopathic murderers.

What IS the legislation they claim will make people safer? From a previous alert about these pieces of destructive legislation:

HB 109, requiring background checks for private firearms sales AND transfers. This legislation will actually make it impossible for women to get gun safety training! This legislation will turn law-abiding citizens into criminals all while criminals continue to completely ignore existing laws! It’s the same exact California gun control legislation they have tried to pass 3 previous times.

It also creates a “register of each sale” (gun registry) which is expressly prohibited by federal law. For the record, commercial firearm sales are already covered in existing statute.

HB 514, imposing a waiting period between the purchase and delivery of a firearm! They want to make women LESS SAFE by forcing a 7 (really up to 11) day waiting period between the time of purchase of a firearm and the time of pickup of said firearm! NOTE: An amendment was added to change the 7 days to 3 days, which could really be up to 6 days. Law Enforcement has no duty to protect us; we must be our own first responders.

HB 564, banning law-abiding citizens from carrying concealed firearms in a ‘safe school zone.’ Currently, those who have pistol/revolver licenses are allowed, per federal law, to carry concealed on school grounds. CRIMINALS have never obeyed ‘gun free zone’ laws, which is why schools are often targets. This law will further enable criminals to more easily prey on our children.

Gun Free Zone Shootings

This legislation also VICTIMIZES those who are victims and MUST protect themselves in their daily lives, especially women.

Not one of these pieces of legislation will stop a mass killer. The only thing these out-of-state Bloomberg-backed pieces of legislation do is to HARM Granite Staters.

Democrats are for that. They don’t want Granite Staters protecting themselves FROM mass killers or anyone who seeks to harm them, again, especially women.

CALL Governor Sununu, AGAIN, and let him know you expect him to HOLD THE LINE and veto each of these gun control bills: (603) 271-2121

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