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Democrats Continue to Bludgeon Obama’s “Legacy”

Obama Middle Finger

One of the more amusing features of the 2020 Democrat primary for president is the main-streaming of Obama and how that’s bad. He’s been backbenched as a lousy insider who couldn’t get it done. By the left. And now the DNC has just undone another of his legacies.

In what should appear to be classic socialist tactics, they have banned Obama for America (OFA). If you’re not sure what that means I’ll explain. Barack and Co. created an entire political machine. At both the state and national level. That was designed to do the Democrat Parties job but only for Obama. Or, those Obama ordained as worthy. Mostly just Obama. A better name would have been Obama for Obama or Organizing for Obama.

America was never the focus, just its destruction.

The result was competing political institutions. Not for politics or policy as much as for money. The end result of this era was the largest ongoing collapse of political power in modern history. The Left’s price to pander to identity politics (electing the arrogant novice who happened to look Black) were Democrat losses up and down the ticket for years.

Sure, from 2008-2010 the Democrat party briefly enjoyed complete control of the Federal government. What did they do? Very little and none of it good for America or Democrats. Obama, ObamaCare, and the Pelosi-Reid Congress ignited a grassroots revolution. The Tea Party.

Efforts to compete or recover were hampered by Obama for America even while Obama used the government to undermine political opposition. A proper use of government as far as the Left is concerned (like spying on Trump and inventing the collusion scandal) but OFA sucked the wind and the money out of the DNC.

The Party of Socialism has decided to be socialist. There can be only one.

The Association of State Democratic Committees announced Tuesday that every leading presidential contender has vowed not to create “any organizing or messaging infrastructure that is parallel or duplicative” to the DNC or state parties. The signed pledge also binds candidates to publicly call on their supporters not to launch outside groups on their behalf.

Centralization of the money laundering and the messaging.

. . . . “It’s a huge shift,” said Jane Kleeb, chair of the Nebraska Democratic Party. The move sends two messages, she added: “You cannot create another OFA,” and “the DNC is an important national infrastructure, but it’s not in the states — we are.”

But it is in the states. By defining the message in the purse strings and narrative mills of national headquarters you have consolidated the party position as a nationalist socialist campaign machine.

Not a new idea and not restricted to the Left. But in the context of the Obama legacy, it neuters OFA and takes Bernie with it. No, Bernie is not happy. But Bernie isn’t going to be the nominee. He’s an old white cranky commie. With new Commies lining up to his left, who needs the dusty socialist when you can make an Obama like mistake again with some new Marxist hotness?

And a monopoly on the money and the messaging. And that’s Marxism.

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