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Climate Alarmists Get Hysterical about Essential Processes of Nature

Scary looking from 2013 care of Cristiano Rinaldo in 2019

Fire! Yes, the subject of much discussion around the real and virtual watercooler. The media is in a full-court press. The Amazon is doomed! No, not the fires, well maybe, wait, it’s that Trump-like Conservative president of Brazil. 

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Even though the liberals that proceeded him had fires too. Some worse, some better.

We talked about it yesterday on the Jim Lawrence show. I wrote about it a few days before, here. But the lefty-media is still working the narrative. So, we’re here to knock it back down.

This attention has nothing to do with fires, forests, the world’s lungs, air quality, CO2, or anything other than politics. The global elites hate the guy the people of Brazil chose to be President. Almost as much as they have the current Chief Executive in America.

Nothing else about this matters. Because nothing else about this story is true. The left lies or, as Tony Heller at Real Climate Science notes,

“Climate alarmists get hysterical about essential processes of nature they don’t know the first thing about.”

The media is no less part of the alarmist climate cult than the nuts stealing coal from shuttered power plants in New Hampshire.

They all serve the same ends. Using the natural events or processes as a path to socialist redistribution of your hard-earned dollars. A fraud they are as happy to perpetrate, here. In ‘Scientific Journals.’ From NH US Senators. It’s always politics.

The reality is much simpler. Most forest fires are normal and happen without any regard to you or the Left’s narratives or their supposed energy sector grabbing solutions (as opposed to actual solutions like this one). They are necessary for the renewal of the landscape and have been in decline.

Forest Fires in the US

In 1937 the US Forest Service reported over 185,000 fires that burned down over 21 million acres. In 2019 we’ve had just over 30,000 fires burning a fraction of that. Forest fires are not just normal by necessary. Our ability to control or limit them has improved over the years. And there’s no correlation to atmospheric CO2.

For more on the Left’s Fire and Fraud (and some other alarmist nonsense), check out this new report from the above-mentioned Tony Heller at Real Climate Science.