More Forest Fire Fraud

US Forrest fire acreage burned since 1916
Monday the UK Independent published the following headline. “Global warming doubles size of forest fires in US West, study finds.”

Global warming has caused the area affected by forest fires in the western United States to double over the last 30 years – and the problem will continue to get worse until the trees start to run out, according to new research.

Well of course it did. The “study” (see the image above) cherry picked it’s starting point. Had the editors been honest they’d have accurately reported that forest fire acreage burned in the US is down roughly 400% in the age of Man-Made ‘Global Warming.’ The 1930’s, a decade with significantly higher average temperatures and drier conditions (and only a smidge more acreage), suffered 5-year losses of up to 50 million acres without the benefit of “scientists” and politicians milking taxpayers with promises that if they just give a bit more, they can cure the weather.

It is going to need to get a lot drier for a lot longer, even with the bad forest management forced on us by the global warming alarmist crowd, to get anywhere near the sort of acreage loss we had before “experts” starting blaming the middle-class for it.

2014- 2016 US precipitation averages
2014- 2016 US precipitation averages