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We Got More Checks… Just There’s No Money In the Account

Authorizing spending is not the same thing as making a budget. If you don’t recognize a responsibility to not spend more than you take in, it is not a budget. The United States has not had a budget in more than a decade. The federal government is behaving like a teenager with a checkbook. It does not understand those checks require money in the account. We will need to pay for the promises being handed out.

The current haggle…

Congress continues negotiations with the administration on a budget deal. Talks have centered around the debt limit and spending levels. The Socialists in the House refuse to cut spending. They will not even accept offsets for new spending. Leftists are not providing meaningful reforms to our debt ceiling. This is called the tantrum approach to budgeting. We get everything we want or we’ll fuss.

However, both the administration and congress are still talking. The Treasury Secretary and the Speaker are going back and forth. Both sides know a deal will require raising the debt ceiling. The deal will be based on the terms for increasing spending. The administration wants a deal including $1.1 trillion in options to offset spending increases. The Socialists in congress call this a “non-starter.”

The Leftists in the House want to continue with spending as usual. They are incapable of prioritizing spending. All they can say is more… That is continuing down a dangerous path. They are in favor of unwarranted spending. Their position pushes against spending reforms which puts our fiscal house in further jeopardy. It lacks any sense of fiscal responsibility.


The American people deserve accountability. Our economy can no longer be the victim of politics. It is time to end the bickering and reckless increases in spending. We know Social Security is in jeopardy. They have not dealt with this large and known issue. You and I must hold our leaders accountable to their promise to cut spending to the size of the tax burden we agree to carry. No more hiding behind the mountain of debt. It is time we pay for what we want.