Turning up the Heat: 80 Hours Into July 2019 Grok Exceeds Traffic for all of July 2018 - Granite Grok

Turning up the Heat: 80 Hours Into July 2019 Grok Exceeds Traffic for all of July 2018


Let me begin by saying thank you. In the first 3+ days of July of 2019, we surpassed our total traffic for all of July 2018. It is news that will alarm many on the left. Good.

Given what we have planned in the weeks and months ahead, this may be the least alarming thing they experience from the Grok Universe. Because, to borrow a progressive turn of phrase, we continue to look forward.

How can we best use this platform to inform the electorate about the poison of Democrat-socialism here, in New Hampshire, and everywhere else it rears its pointy little head?

We have some ideas and you will all experience this evolution soon. In the meantime, I wanted to take the Alexa Ranking Temperature of our list of internet media footprints to see what’s what.

No changes in the top six.

We’re still number five and still hovering over Fosters.com while our global rank has steadily improved. But slots seven through ten experienced some movement. The Laconia Daily Sun moved from 11th to 7th. Manchester InkLink dropped from 7th to 9th. NH Journal moved from 9th to 8th place. The Conway/Belin Daily Sun clung to 10th, and Nashua Telegraph fell from 8th to 11th.

Liberty Block, InDepthNH, Josiah Bartlett, and FreeKeene rap the top 15 with Cornerstone, School Choice for NH, Girard at Large, CNHT, and Granite State Taxpayers,  round out or top 20 lists.

(These last five do not yet have enough regular traffic for Alexa to provide a US rank so they are sorted by their global rank. The previous 15 are sorted by their US Rank.) 

Thanks again for taking the time to join us at Granitegrok.com


Ranks were verified Friday, July 5th, at approximately 6:15 to 6:30 pm. 

Site Name (Sorted by US Rank) US Rank Global Rank
Union leader 9,485 64,200
SeacoastOnline 24,984 121,779
Concord Monitor 29,363 141,623
Fosters Daily Democrat 32,628 167,063
GraniteGrok 35,547 183,851
Keene Sentinel 46,238 239,468
Laconia Daily Sun 58,241 343,630
NH Journal 59,152 277,410
Manchester Ink Link 60,589 298,180
Conway/Berlin Daily Sun 60,888 349,235
Nashua Telegraph 87,780 311,485
Liberty Block 101,021 525,000
InDepthNH 299,568 1,332,141
Josiah Bartlett 381,868 2,650,972
Freekeene.com 497,273 1,099,485
Cornerstone no data 2,564,613
School Choice for NH no data 2,823,881
Girard At Large no data 3,372,031
CNHT no data 4,180,507
Granite State Taxpayers no data 4,480,210