Trump's America - "One Squad Under God" - Granite Grok

Trump’s America – “One Squad Under God”

If you are looking for some Trump Love American Style, I’ve got you covered. By that I mean, Trump’s love for America, vets, law enforcement, border patrol, our armed forces, first-responders, workers, you know Americans.

Democrats (the farther the left, the more this applies) who’ve gotten this far without leaping to comments should grab a pail or a bag (in case you vomit). This will be very patriotic. I’d go so far as to say it should sits firmly alongside the campaign strategy I briefly outlined here.

“I think it’s important to run a stronger parallel campaign promoting the benefits of Trump and Republican economic policies. The things that have Made America Great Again. Why we need to protect them and the possibilities if we do. Themes that tie the economic recovery to job creation, family, opportunity, …”

It’s the sort of thing that makes you feel good about your Commander in Chief and your country, and freedom unless you are an anarchist or a Far-Left Democrat. They’ll need the bucket, pail, barf bag, or maybe some lithium.

And I swear to you that I did not post this after dinner with malice aforethought. I just couldn’t get to it sooner.

Get to what? This. Of which, I hope we see a lot more between now and November 2020.