Republicans Need to Speak for and in Defense of the Economy - Because the Left Want's to Take It Away - Granite Grok

Republicans Need to Speak for and in Defense of the Economy – Because the Left Want’s to Take It Away


Leftist desperado media narratives exist to create perception. A false reality that some left-wing priority is both legitimate and of pressing public interest. In most cases, neither is true. It’s just scaremongering to facilitate your loss of liberty while Government accumulates power.

For decades public opinion surveys have tagged “climate” as barely of any interest to anyone. Global Warming only shows up at all because the pollsters ask. Socialists seeking power through green-politics use their soap boxes, the media, and pressure to make it appear both dire and concerning.

It is neither.

But the tactics still work. Socialism advances because it understands the big lie. If you keep saying it, loud enough, and long enough, it embeds is the collective conscience. Government run schools and liberal university campuses serve the Marxist masters to indoctrinate future ‘believers.’

It also works in reverse.

If you don’t talk about it, dismiss or diminish it enough, you can create the illusion that something real does not exist.

As far as Global warming goes, the decades-long re-education continues, but most normal people still don’t see it. They go outside. They live their lives. It’s not warmer. The seas are not rising.

The left labels every weather event proof, screams crisis, offers cataclysmic prognostications, and none of it happens. 

They will get there if we let them, which is why they are so desperate to label dissent to their narratives as ill-informed, sinister, or evil.  Be it the weather, women, minorities, illegal aliens, homosexuals; it’s all the same.

And so it goes for the economy.

When Obama’s “recovery” wasn’t happening, they sold it as if it were. Now that the economy is booming, the Left is pushing the other way. Nothing to see here.

But despite claims to the contrary and record-breaking volumes of disinformation, (much like when people were experiencing how much Obama’s economy sucked) people can tell. The Trump economy is better

Average wages have grown above 3% for 10 straight months—twice as fast as inflation. And since the tax cuts of 2017, wage growth for the poorest 25% of workers has reached post-recession highs of 4.4%.

The people the Left hope will sustain their disenfranchisement narratives are experiencing once-in-a-lifetime historical economic opportunities.

For Americans who want a job, they are readily available. June’s employment numbers were particularly good for African Americans, with the rate dropping to 6%, nearing the historic 2018 low of 5.9%. Women, Hispanics, and workers without a college degree are seeing similar trends.

Previously unemployed Hispanic and black working-age women are finding jobs faster than any other demographic group..

So, what about that?

While there will always be some segment of any population looking for a free ride, most of us feel better when can learn and grow in a job. Personal achievement, self-worth, economic growth from your intellectual or sweat equity.  Nothing like it. And the government can only take that from you. 

Republicans would do well to talk-up an opportunity economy because Democrats as a party want to take it away.

The Left loves taxes, regulatory barriers to entry, interference in the cost of labor. Putting the government between you and something else. This lifts trust in collective bureaucratic power at the expense of faith in individual human capital and productivity. The State makes it harder for you to convert your time and interest into income on terms that work for you and the person who created the job.

Republicans are far from perfect, but they have one thing almost universally in common. They trust you more to define your path to success in life. Democrats want the state to interfere at every opportunity. And history tells us that the lesson learned is institutionalized mediocrity declining toward systemic poverty.