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Reason for VP Mike Pence Non-Visit to New Hampshire Finally Explained

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Without getting into all the speculation, including some we shared, we’ve finally been given an explanation. Why did the Vice President’s plane turn around mid-flight on his way to New Hampshire? Drugs.

Former NFL player Jeff Hatch, with whom Pence was likely to meet while attending a scheduled event at the Granite Recovery Center to discuss the national opioid crisis, was under federal investigation for transporting over $100,000 worth of fentanyl from Massachusetts to New Hampshire.

Word of the charges or an indictment must have made their way to someone’s ears in transit and a decision was made to cancel the appearance. The press, obsessed with Trump’s so-called unpredictability, went wild. As usual for naught. 

As for the security concern, not so much. Unless appearing in public with a guy who is facing federal indictments for trafficking Fentanyl into the state where the event is taking place qualifies.

To quote the president before anyone knew outside the White House and the DoJ, it was an interesting problem

Federal court documents released Friday said Hatch was caught in 2017 with 1,500 grams of fentanyl. A baggie of the drug sold on the streets of New Hampshire is usually about one-tenth of a gram.

I’m curious who didn’t think to let the White House know that until the VP was in the air?

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