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VP Mike Pence’ NH Visit Cancelled Due to Security Threat in Salem New Hampshire

Mike Pence

Vice President Mike Pence canceled a visit to New Hampshire at the last minute. By which we mean the plane was in the air and turned around at the last minute. War with Iran? No. But the latest speculation is that there was a security threat in Salem.

Administrative officials for Vice President Mike Pence say an alleged security threat was the reason why a trip to New Hampshire was canceled this past week.

The Salem PD denies this. They say they’d know, and they don’t know.

Salem Deputy Police Chief Joel Dolan told the Washington Post that if there was a danger, local police would have been notified.

“We were not aware of any threats to the vice president or the facility,” Dolan said. “We would have known about it. It would have been addressed by us.”

I think we’ll need to wait for more details to filter out. The Secret Service makes that call, and they don’t make it lightly. Pardon me if I appear unwilling to take the Salem Police Department at their word.

I will confess to being curious about what that threat might have been. Given all the garbage tossed around by NH Democrats about how threatening we are having the secret service cancel an appearance over security issues is something we’d like to report.