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Lunchbox Joe Brings Biden 2.0 to New Hampshire this Weekend – Takes a Shot at His Rivals

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Joe Biden has been taking a beating. But being the guy whom the base feel can beat Trump will get you that sort of attention. He’s had it longer than he’s been a candidate. And his opposition has been mauling him. But this weekend in New Hampshire, he appears ready to fight back.

While all his competitors are lithely leaping leftward, Joe just took a more moderate position (for a Democrat socialist) and in the process, took a shot at the whole lot of them. 

Medicaid for All

No excuses, Just do It Socialized medicine is the new little black dress for the 2020 Election season. A full-blown cradle-to-grave government-run takeover of medical care. Yes, they’ve always wanted it. Yes, the age of Trump has driven Democrats out of the closet to screech with wild-eyed glee their embrace of communism. But Joe Biden (more likely an advisor) has this idea that America isn’t quite ready for that just yet.

He said that he wanted to strengthen the Affordable Care Act and to add a public option, something he acknowledged could come with a significant price tag.

“But it doesn’t cost $3 trillion, and it can be done quickly,” he continued, when asked about differences among the Democratic candidates. “I don’t know why we’d get rid of what in fact is working and move to something totally new. And so, there are differences.”

It’s a smart move. It separates him from the chattering communists. Makes him appear like the adult in the room. Hey, this is something we want, but no one’s going to vote for that outside of a Democrat Primary. 

And then there’s the very polite dig.

“Bernie’s been very honest about it,” he said, of Medicare for All. “He’s said you’re going to have to raise taxes on the middle class. He says it’s going to end all private insurance. I mean, he’s been straightforward about it and he’s making his case.”

Asked if other contenders have been equally direct about Medicare for All’s costs, he replied, “So far, not. So far, not. They may. They may.”

Well, you know, they aren’t lying about how much it will cost. It’ll be a lot. You working class folks will take a hit. No keeping your plan or doctor.  Good cracker. Good cracker.

It may be his only shot at creating separation. But will it work? Bernie is claiming it makes him one of them, which includes the Pharmaceutical companies and Republicans.

Do Democrats care more about that or about finding the candidate they believe could beat Trump?

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